Rating System

I usually try to be consistent with my rating, but as I grow older and as I read more, it changes a bit.
I will also say that it is rare that I give a two or one star rating, as I know how hard it can be to write. However, if I REALLY do not like the book or if the author is rude, I will rate it lower.

5 Paws: I absolutely loved it!

4 Paws: I really liked it!

3 Paws: It was pretty good.

2 Paws: It was... eh.

1 Paw: Excuse me while I barf.

The reason I use paws is because I am a crazy cat lady.

If you disagree with how I rate a book, please do not be rude. I am allowed to have my own opinion, and we need to respect that everyone has different opinions.


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    1. Sorry bout that. Anyway, i was wondering how you got the tabs. I've been wondering how to do it, because I want tabs on my blog! :)

    2. You click the Pages button under the Posts button. You then click new page. I hope this helps you!