Saturday, May 30, 2015

"A Cold Legacy (The Madman's Daughter, #3)" by Megan Shepherd

A Cold Legacy (The Madman's Daughter, #3)"A Cold Legacy (The Madman's Daughter, #3)" by Megan Shepherd
Published: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Balzar + Bray
Young Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Pages: 390
Format: Hardcover
Source: MeLCat
Read April 26 to 30, 2015
After killing the men who tried to steal her father’s research, Juliet—along with Montgomery, Lucy, Balthazar, and a deathly ill Edward—has escaped to a remote estate on the Scottish moors. Owned by the enigmatic Elizabeth von Stein, the mansion is full of mysteries and unexplained oddities: dead bodies in the basement, secret passages, and fortune-tellers who seem to know Juliet’s secrets. Though it appears to be a safe haven, Juliet fears new dangers may be present within the manor’s own walls.
Then Juliet uncovers the truth about the manor’s long history of scientific experimentation—and her own intended role in it—forcing her to determine where the line falls between right and wrong, life and death, magic and science, and promises and secrets. And she must decide if she’ll follow her father’s dark footsteps or her mother’s tragic ones, or whether she’ll make her own.
With inspiration from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this breathless conclusion to the Madman’s Daughter trilogy is about the things we’ll sacrifice to save those we love—even our own humanity.
Me Starting this Book:

I decided that for me to be able to successfully get out all my  thoughts and feelings for this book, I should add all of my status updates:
As you can see, I do not like Lucy. During the entire book, all I wanted to do was to slap Lucy. She just kept getting in the way and being super annoying. She would guilt Juliet into doing things that she didn't want to do and Juliet did it because she felt bad. That's not what friends do, Lucy!

And then there's Montgomery. He's so fucking overbearing that I felt like I was being choked by his controlling attitude whenever he was talking. He just acted like he knew best when he really knew nothing.

I'll discuss the other characters later.
Anyway, Juliet and Co. are on their way to Elizabeth von Stein's Scottish manor to find safety while Lucy's father is trying to track them down. At her manor, things are pretty creepy. As in a basement full of dead people, weird servants, and creepy little kid that wanders through hidden passageways. Needless to say, there are a lot of secrets. All of them Juliet wants to uncover.
During her time at Elizabeth's manor, Juliet finds out that both of them are similar. All of Elizabeth's servants have come to her for help of the surgical nature, showing Juliet that it's possible for her to use her talents to help. Elizabeth also teaches Juliet how to reanimate someone who has died, which will be handy later on.
If you read the second book in the trilogy, Her Dark Curiosity, then you'd know that Montgomery proposed to Juliet.
Because of this, planning the wedding and shit comes up a lot in the story. And I'm not happy. As discussed before, I can't stand Montgomery. I don't want to think about him anymore.
Poor Edward is still deathly ill, but the Beast still comes out while Edward is unconscious. The Beast tells Juliet what's wrong with him, and what she needs to do to help him. Still Team Edward. All the way. Forever. And then Lucy is always sitting at his bedside holding his hand and telling him that she loves him. Lucy, you are just so dumb. Juliet and Edward are meant to be, not YOU and Edward. Goddammit you idiot girl.
I just don't understand how Juliet can agree to marry Montgomery. HE didn't come to her after HE pushed her off the island all alone on a boat left to fend for herself. Edward came back to England to find her. And Montgomery babied her and didn't think she could handle anything. EDWARD believed in her!

And then Lucy fucked up everything. She's the reason a bunch of bad shit happens at the end. Oh well. She had it coming for being stupid.
About the last 25% of the book had a ton of surprises that I didn't see coming. A few I was fine with, others I didn't like. I could go on and on with how I didn't like the ending, but then it would give away a bunch of spoilers. Sigh. I hate it when I don't like the ending of a series that I love.
For such a smart girl, she made a really bad decision. She was pressured so much during the book and no one seemed to care about how she felt.
So annoying. I just wanted to slap him and tell him to stop being so controlling. Not an attractive trait, honey.

As stated before, I couldn't stand her. One of my least favorite, probably my least favorite, best friend characters.
My poor, sweet Edward. I just wanted him to get better.
I didn't discuss him earlier, but he's still super sweet and innocent.
She was fascinating. She had so many secrets and I feel like she was a big sister-figure to Juliet. I wish we got more of her.
Overall, despite the fact that I was quite unhappy with the ending, I just can't give this book anything other than 5 stars. It was still really good. I'm so sad that this series is over. I feel like I would have a little bit more closure if I liked the ending, but it was still an amazing book that kept me reading!