Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Name Change

Hello, everyone!
As you can see, I recently changed the name of my blog. I have been thinking about it for weeks, and finally decided to do it. When I started my bog way back in 2013, I had no clue what I was doing. I saw all these people with these super cool blogs and wanted to join in on the fun. But when it came to creating a name, let's just say I had no creativity. My nickname is Lizzie, so I put that in the name, I am a blonde, so I thought I'd add that, and everyone tells me that I am very sarcastic and blunt, so I added sarcastic. With all of that, I came up with Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde, or Lizzie (The Sarcastic Blonde), depending on how I styled it.
Right after I made that my name, I hated it, but I stuck with it for about 2 years. I didn't know if I could change it, so I didn't. However, a couple weeks ago I decided to see if I could change the name. And I found out I could. It was just a matter of what to change it to. I'm not very creative with names, so that was really hard. I eventually ended up with Big Books and Grande Lattes. Big Books because I love long books and it's an alliteration. Grande Lattes because I start almost every day with one, or some other coffee drink, and it rhymes. I'm hoping I won't hate this name immediately.
So with this name change comes a lot of other changes that must be made. I have to change my name on other accounts and fix all of the links that need to be changed. I'm currently having trouble with Bloglovin', so that's not too much fun. If anyone can give advice or some help, it'd be greatly appreciated!
I think I've discussed everything I need to! I'll still be making changes here. I have yet to master making those social icons that you put in the side bar. I think I'm getting close to understanding the process, but I'm terrible with coding so it's still giving me some issues. I think I've rambled enough now!

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