Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza ~ Interview with Myself

GET UP OFFA THAT SLUMP: A BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA hosted by Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf.
This first post extravaganza is an interview with ourselves! Cue the awkwardness and confusion!
So what is our name?
Our name is Lizzie. How do you not know our own name?
So what do we do with our free time when we're not reading or on Twitter for hours?
We actually spend most of our time either in class, studying, or at work.
What are we studying?
We're a dance major-
Ohhhhh... *makes a face*
Hey! We asked! Yes, we are a dance major, and we're currently working toward a minor in psychology, but we will likely change that to a major as well.
So we want to be poor then?
We don't need this from me! We have plans. It's not like we grand jetéd into this with no plans. *giggles from making dance joke*
*Rolls eyes* Well if we say so. What do we currently work as?
We work at a community college as an English tutor. It can be pretty painful to have to go over how to write a complete sentence or how to use commas with college students. *sighs*
Our job choice makes no sense. It has nothing to do with our career plans.
We make no sense.
That is true, since we're having this conversation with ourselves. So what are our favorite things?
Hot lattes, iced lattes, frozen lattes, any kind of latte, especially when they have caramel. Cats, tiny animals, cute animals, fuzzy animals, most animals. Looking up piercings and tattoos. Reading (duh), dancing (duuuhh) listening to music for hours on end, writing-
Oh, so we like to write?
It's rude to interrupt ourself. Yes, we love to write, but are currently stuck with writer's block and are trying to figure out how to regain our inspiration.
That's sad to hear. What do we tend to write?
Well we have a ton of scribbled out notes and half-finished outlines and only one first draft that's almost halfway done. But they're all fantasy, paranormal, or science fiction. We also tend to waver between YA and NA.
Who are some of our writing idols?
Susan Dennard, Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jodi Meadows, Marissa Meyer, Alexandra Bracken, Leigh Bardugo, there are so many! One day we will see our name on bookstore shelves next to them. Maybe. Hopefully. We'll see.
Aww, don't be too hard on ourself. We like piercings and tattoos, do you have any?
We have 6 ear piercings, 3 matching each other on both ear. Sadly we don't have any tattoos... yet. We have a ton of ideas, it's just actually going through with them.
Since we're getting to the end of this really weird interview, we have one less question. Since we love dance, what are some of our favorite dance things?
Are we sure this was a good question to ask? Well, we'd have to say that lyrical and contemporary are our favorite styles because they have so much room for interpretation both on the choreographer's side with creating the dance and on the audience's side with how they can interpret what the meaning is supposed to be. We also love jumps because we can feel as tall as everyone else, even if it's just for a few seconds. We also love kicks/tilts to show off and work on our flexibility. We also have this weird obsession in epaulé, which is one of the eight body positions in ballet. We don't know why, but we love it. (Picture to the right)
Yeah. We're pretty weird. That's enough from the one of us. We think we've had enough of confusing people with our use of the pronoun "we" for only one person. We hope you don't all have headaches!

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