Monday, March 14, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza ~ If I Were a Fictional Character

GET UP OFFA THAT SLUMP: A BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA hosted by Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf.
This is the third post for GET UP OFFA THAT SLUMP, the first being an interview with myself, which can be found here, and the second being a list of all the bookish things I'd give a kidney for, which can be found here.
This post is up super late because I totally forgot about it and my life is a mess.
Without further ado, I shall introduce Fictional Me!
Fictional Me lives in a magical fantasy world, where she has magical powers (not exactly sure what type, but I'd have some sort of kickass powers. Maybe she could transform into an animal, control things with her mind, burst into flames, I don't know. Fictional Me would also be an antihero(ine). She would do whatever she wanted to do, even if it hurt other people, but at the end of the day, she's not a completely terrible person. She also likely be a rebellious heir to a magical kingdom, a mercenary, or an assassin. Or everything. It's my Fictional Me, so she can do anything. She'd also have a super cool animal sidekick who fights with her. Probably a snow leopard. They're pretty cool.
Fictional Me would probably be short, because when you're short, no one suspects you. Everyone thinks you're sweet and innocent and when you do something "bad," it surprises everyone. She'd probably be blonde, but changes her hair a lot because why not? Fictional Me would have a number of tattoos and piercings because she can do whatever she wants.
Fictional Me would mostly wear black, because you can never go wrong with black. But there will be a little bit of color: purples, turquoises, and blues. Her wardrobe would have a ton of lace, but that's not super practical so she'd also have more durable clothing too. She'd also have a huge collection of boots. Boots for anything, because boots are the best.
Because of her profession, she fights a lot. Yeah, she gets hurt, but she always comes back better the next time. You live and you learn. There will be some close calls to add to the drama and suspense, but of course she's not going to die because she's the main character. Things will get messy. And by messy I mean bloody.
And now to what many people love to focus on in books: the romance. Fictional Me would be to busy being amazing to think about settling down. She'd have a number of love interests because she's only 20 years old and just wants to enjoy herself. Plus she wants to cause arguments between her readers so they fight over their ship. She's pretty mean. However, she's more focused on her friends, who are also kickass, and making sure that they're safe. She's more into friendship than romance.
So Fictional Me would pretty much be your average 20 year old... who lives in a fantasy world doing fantasy things. Now I'm really sad that I can't be fantasy me.
What would your Fictional Me be like?

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