Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #6

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

As book lovers, I'm pretty sure we all have problems, some more than others (I'm pointing at myself), so here are all of mine in no particular order.

I am a HUGE book hoarder. I continue to buy or check out books from my library even when I already have a crap ton that I need to read.

My book shelf is overflowing. I really need to reorganize it. I organized it a couple years ago, but since then I have bought a lot of books. I also need to get rid of some.

The eye strain. I wear contacts, so if I stare at something too long, my eyes start to hurt. Because of this, I usually need to take breaks. However, if I wear my glasses, I don't have this problem.

The neck pain. I find it really hard to find a comfortable reading position, and I usually hunch over my book and I feel like an old woman. And then my neck REALLY hurts afterwards. It's a good thing I go to the chiropractor!

The wrist pain. Holding a book too long, especially if I hold it over my head, puts a lot of strain on my wrists. Again, I feel like an old woman.

I want to read everything, so it's not unusual for me to read like 5 books at once. And then I regret it because sometimes I'll mix the books up.

I don't have enough money. I'm a poor college student, and if I really want a book, I'll really want to buy it. But I can't really do that, as I am currently spending most of my money on school.

I almost never return my library books on time. I often forget the due date, especially when I have multiple books checked out. And then I won't have time to read them due to work and school. However, I consider my late fees to be going to a good cause, but it would be nice if they were tax deductible.

This relates to number 3, but I check out too many books at one time. I'll go to the library, wander around a bit, and will keep grabbing more books. I can't help that I love them so much.

And, finally, when a new book comes out, I'll drop whatever I was reading o planning to read, and will start the new one. I just want that new, shiny book so much, that everything else disappears around me and all I see is that new release.

As you can see, I have multiple book-related problems. What problems do you have?


  1. I can relate to number one the most! As soon as I get new books I tend to put my other books aside and read my new one's first :') I wish I could stick to a list of "what tor read next" instead of at random :')
    Great list Lizzie! :)

    1. Yeah, I should really create a list or something to make sure that I stay on track with what I should read next. Thanks for visiting!