Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bloggiesta ~ September 2015

So I found out about this challenge, I suppose you could call it, after it started, but I decided that I might as well try it out! It's mostly to help get your blog in shape, and I DEFINITELY need that! Everything can be found here!

To Do List: 
~Write and schedule 4 reviews
~Update About Me Page
~Create Contact Me Page
~Edit Pages tabs
~Comment on other participants blogs
~Participate in at least one Twitter chat
~Do at least two mini challenges
~Update challenge posts 
~Consider a Tumblr account (this counts, right?)
~Think about ARC requests (this also counts?)
~Think about discussion posts (this too?)
~Look up coding (you can do it!)

Some of these look like a lot, but they're kind of connected. And some of them aren't that bad. If I keep positive, I can do this! Right?

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