Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Blog Promo Tour ~ Kaitlin from Next Page Please

Hey everyone and welcome to my post for Lizzie's SBPT schedule! My name is Kaitlin, blogger at Next Page Please! Today, in celebration of the summer, I decided to do the summer book tag. I hope you all enjoy, discover some new books, and have a great summer. Enjoy!
Lemonade // Pick a book that started off bitter, but got better.
For this book, I am definitely going to go with Alexandra Bracken's recent release, Passenger; I gave this book a 3 stars. I didn't really enjoy the beginning, as I found it a bit boring but as I read through the book, it started getting a bit better and more exciting. The ending is definitely what brought my rating up a bit and why I am definitely planning on reading the sequel to Passenger.
Golden Sun // Pick a book that made you smile beyond compare.
Going with one of my more recent reads for this one, the Start of Me and You. I loved this book. It was so cute, I really enjoyed Emery's writing, and had fabulous characters. The whole book really makes me happy and I do go back sometimes to read the happy and cute parts. Definitely a book I would recommend picking up after finishing a less happy book.
Tropical Flowers // Pick a book set in a foreign country.
HARRY POTTER. Haha, taking the easy way out on this question because there is no other book I can think of that fullys take place in a place that isn't in America. I think everyone here has heard enough about Harry Potter so I will just leave it at that.
Tree Shade // Pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced.
There are many books that first introduce their shady characters but I'm going to mention The Program, not only because this is a start to a fabulous series (which it is, everyone go read it) and does introduce a shady character, but I also loathe this shady character so this is my moment to call him out. Yeah, I really dislike him, but that does not stop my love for this book and series.
Green Grass // Pick a character(s) that were full of life, making you smile.
There are many characters that make me smile and I want to hug, one is Mercy from Outrun the Moon. She is such a great character who is so independent, clever, and was really outgoing and knew how to have fun. I really admired how she handled herself in the situation she was put in and I enjoyed reading about her. (Everyone go read Stacey Lee if you haven't already.)
Sun Hat // Pick a book that had a vast, big universe/setting.
Starflight in the first book that comes into mind when I think of a "big setting." I mean, it basically takes place around the whole entire universe with additional planets. I really love how the author took advantage of the huge setting she had created because Starflight definitely explored the universe and had a lot of different settings. I am excited for Starflight's sequel and to read more about the world the book takes place in because it seems awesome.
BBQ // Pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk.
Hunks are basically everywhere in the YA world but I think the book with a hunk that first comes to my mind is Beau, from The Love that Split the World. The Love that Split the World is such a fabulous book and I really enjoyed reading about Beau and Natalie. He may not be a hunk to other people but I definitely imagined him hunkier than most.
Watermelon // Pick a book that had some juicy secrets.
Well, juicy secrets usually means the book has loads of drama and the most recent read that had a lot of drama and definitely secrets was the Summer I Turned Pretty. This was one of my summer reads and it was very very filled with secrets, juicy ones. If you're looking for a book with some secrets and drama, this trilogy is definitely something to look in.
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoy the rest of the tour!

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