Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Blogger Promo Tour ~ Cheyenne from Once Upon A Time A Review

Hello, I'm Cheyenne and I blog at Once Upon A Time A Review and today I will be discussing 5 Blogging Essentials that makes blogging a little easier. These are things that I would have loved to know when I first started blogging in April 2014 and back then everything was a mess, but now I'm finally growing into the blogger that I want to become and I'm learning new things each day. I hope all you people looking to start blogging or are new bloggers find this post helpful let me jump right in.
1. Some sort of planning system
You need a planning system and I'm not even joking. I was a person who thought that I could do it without a planning system. That's how I did it for maybe the first year of blogging and after that I started using a planning system. You will get busy and you will forget when you say you will have something done by. This planning system can be anything and a combinations of things. A planning system is also just a great way to stay organized in general.
2. You want to Schedule Posts
Again at first I didn't wrote the post the day of for the first year of blogging, but I got busy and posts weren't getting up. You want to schedule posts ahead of time. You want to sit down and take day to write a few blog posts at time, then when there's a day you can't blog then you will have those posts up and ready.
3. Postfity or something like it
This is website that I just most recently discovered and it's a life saver. I can schedule tweets and that will post them on Twitter. I use this mostly for scheduling promotion tweets for my various posts on my blog. I feel this important because eventually there's days where you can't promote your blog. There's different websites like this out there, but Postfity is free and you can do 10 day. I swear this will free up so much time.

4. Social Media
Lizzie talked about this in her post she did on my blog and I would say this is an essential. Social Media helps you interact with others as well as market your blog. This is important if you want to grow you blogs following. Websites like Netgalley and publisher rely on stats, though getting ARCs isn't important and shouldn't be your main focus. You don't have to every single social media account out there. I personally use Twitter and Goodreads the most. I do have a Facebook page, but its not as easy as using Twitter and Goodreads.
5. You Do You
I know this is easier said than done. You don't have to do posts that everyone is doing. Yeah they are probably are very popular and you might get some more views, but if you don't love the post then you shouldn't post it. Do posts that you enjoy writing and that you want to do, do things your way. Being different is an easier way to stand out. Your blog is suppose to be a reflection of you and should always be a reflection of you. Readers can tell the difference between a passionate post and a filler post.

I had so much fun writing this post, it gave me idea for future posts. It also made me wish that I started doing these things right off the bat. I hope this post helps someone. Thanks for having me and reading this post. Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

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