Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #60: Ten Books I Enjoyed That Have Under 2000 Ratings On Goodreads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This Week's Topic:
 Ten Books I Enjoyed That Have Under 2000 Ratings on Goodreads
Books I Have Read
Dearly, Departed (Gone With the Respiration, #1)
This one has more like 9,000 ratings, but it's still an underrated books. However, this sequel has under 2,000 ratings. So sad there isn't going to be a third book in this series.
Masque of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death, #1)
Both this book and its sequel has more than 2,000 ratings, but it's still not a widely popular duology.
This one has a little more than 2,000 ratings, but it's not nearly as popular as the other two East of the Sun, West of the Moon retellings that I know of.
Enchanted Ivy
It has just over 2,000 ratings. I really liked it, so it's sad to see that not many people know about it.
The Gathering Storm (Katerina, #1)
It has a little more than 3,000 ratings, which is sad because I loved it. If you like Imperial Russia, paranormal creatures, and a fight between good and evil, you should definitely read it!
Books on My TBR
The Unnaturalists (The Unnaturalists, #1)
I bought this book a couple years ago, and am hoping to finally read it soon. It only has about 1,600 ratings.
Stork (Stork, #1)
It only has about 2,500 ratings, so it's close enough. It's inspired by Norse lore and I can't wait to see what elements it has of it!
A Conspiracy of Alchemists (The Chronicle of Light and Shadow, #1)
This is another book I bought a couple years ago while I was obsessed with Steampunk. I still love it, but it can be hard to find it well executed.
A Study in Silks (The Baskerville Affair, #1)
Another book I bought while I was super into Steampunk.
A Curious Tale of the In-Between
I loved her YA books, and I still need to try her MG work. I'm kind of surprised by how few ratings it has, less than 1,000.
I split this into books I have read and books I have on my TBR because I wasn't sure how many books I read had under 2,000 ratings. I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them right off the top of my head. Have you read any of these underrated books?

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